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1. Introduction

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

I am not a psychologist (yet). But, I am a person with an extensive first-hand experience on various mental illnesses for more than 30 years. Two years ago, I experienced an "Aha! moment". It was not like the depiction of Eureka of Archimedes, not even close to those described in the Internet. In fact, I realized much later that it was the moment that I was waiting for many years, as my issues and struggles started to be solved by themselves, one after another, without any effort. It was ironic, considering all pain and suffering I had until that moment - the moment when my entire view of world was shifted without my own control. As if I was wearing a foggy glass and I simply took it off by mistake.

During my personal 30-year-suffering period, I was diagnosed with OCD many times, bipolar once (probably by mistake), major depression twice, along with many episodes of minor depression and anxiety attacks, and various unknown phenomena. I had panic attacks, delusions, hallucinations, a good mixture of paranoia, as well as numerous things that I learned and forgot now. It was not trivial to discover that my Aha! moment was not something out of thin air; it was an unexpected gift of 30 years. I would be more happy if it came earlier, while I suspect if its early arrival would make the same impact on me.

So why I suddenly woke up? In addition to my generosity in spending years with suffering, I must credit my most recent psychiatrist's approach that let me construct my own way. It was the paradox of change. But, my mind was so prepared that I have been amazed to see how it recovers, by itself. At this point, while I do not feel any pressure to do so, I decided to share the exact pathway I took. It is surprisingly short, well-defined, and shockingly different from the common practice in psychology - at least those written in primer resources.

If an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist read this writing, s/he may not very happy, if not already angry. Even the title mentions "cure"; something science has not achieved yet. But, I really promise the cure. This is because, there is nothing to cure for what the intelligent is actually suffering from. Cure itself is understanding this; paradoxical realization of nothing to cure.

This is not an academic writing by a professional. It is neither a formal text; English is not my naïve language as should be evident from possible grammar mistakes. It is written by a experienced patient, a person who actually suffered and really knows what it feels like, and who just discovered that the practice in psychology does not provide a permanent remedy to the intelligent. If a disclaimer is needed, I still like to visit my psychiatrist and take my supportive medicines. But, neither of them has been the reason for my true recovery.

Now, I must define the intelligent, who may read this, possibly searching for a remedy. It is not related to the tail of the reductional IQ curves or doing abstract mathematics that nobody understands. It is not related to playing blitz, reading 500 per minute, or playing flute without mouth. I had to describe persons who need to read these, and I simply did not want to create a new word.

Do you suffer from depression and/or anxiety, perhaps wandering desperately from one psychologist to another, while understanding everything but finding nothing at the end? Have you already practiced various techniques and medicines, had "fine" periods, thought that you recovered but unfortunately discovered that it was a temporary relief? Do you think that something is wrong for you, because your mind is full of thoughts that become deformed when trying to describe to somebody? Do you need to ignore yourself to properly live?

Do you think that you are in a completely strange world? You are exactly the intelligent I wish to reach and help. And, you do not need to wait for many years; you can be at the beginning of your suffering career to enjoy this reading.

I have managed to put the items (steps) in order, although they came to my mind unconsciously or subconsciously at different times like the pieces of a puzzle or the parts of a holy book. I will share them one by one, a bit slowly in steps, exactly as they need to be. This is not like slowly revealing a secret hidden behind a curtain. In fact, as the items are introduced, you may find them ridiculously straightforward. But, if you think on them slowly and progressively, you - as the intelligent - may realize your surprisingly simple mistakes, which are heavily supported by the custom practices in psychology. Psychology is developed for everybody; this is the reason why the vast amount of techniques do not offer a complete recovery for you. When you read a step, live with the idea. Let your neurons reconstruct new links; they need time to do.

So, it begins.

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1 Comment

Mar 20, 2021

Spectacular! I can't wait to read the next article.


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